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Our history

Since Roman times, Filigree is a traditional technique of northern Portugal, with symbolic presence in significant public and family moments. 

Over the years, the technique in its purest form fell into oblivion, with widespread mechanization and commoditization replacing the highest quality artisans and their only hand made techniques and unique pieces.

Liliana Guerreiro rediscovers Filigree in 2004. The historical designs combining traditional techniques of highest craftsmanship requirements connect with her own inner creativity. 

Liliana Guerreiro reinvents Filigree and gives it a unique Brand identity of Luxury Design. 

Rather than relying on the traditional designer - crafter relationship, Liliana Guerreiro fuses the artisans’ deep mastery into the design development, and participates herself in the construction of the pieces.

Her search in understanding the uniqueness of filigree craft, and their mastery thereof, takes a unique approach. She works side by side with them. Together they first deconstruct the hand made process, step after step. Then they reconstruct it to reveal its essence, guided by a contemporary design vision. The result are timeless soulful design pieces. At their heart lies the artful intertwining of savoir faire, design vision, and joint experimentation.

Filigree in its pure forms enables a contemporary jewellery creation.