liliana guerreiro is Exquisite Filigree High Jewellery

Where ancestral Filigree art & mastery meets pure form of contemporary Design for unique modern interpretations. In a first of its kind, liliana guerreiro aspires to bring the timeless and soulful vibe of Portugal to a global luxury market.

Liliana Guerreiro

Liliana is a designer from the North of Portugal who uses craft skills that have existed for many generations, and re-imagines them with clear design language choices and deep emotion for stylish women today who want to enhance their individuality.

Stripped down, simplified, and highly contemporary, Liliana's pure-form philosophy aspires to make the wearer feel a special sense of clarity, calm and return to self. Its discerning sophistication exudes style and personality. 

The Vision

Liliana's work is pure form in its design philosophy, and diverse in its interpretations. It is shaped by nature, craft and architecture. Laced with its powerful global history, Portugal's traditions are reconstructed by Liliana into contemporary soulful art. The magic lies in the way Liliana takes traditional jewellery-making approaches passed down through many generations and reimagines then for today's world.

The Purpose

The purpose of the brand is to preserve the cultural legacy of Filigree through more than occasionally and fleetingly fashionable reproductions, that are currently popular in light of Portugal as prized tourism destination. It is dedicated to creating a distinctive and enduring identity as an international Luxury Brand in its own right, combining art & mastery, inspired by Design and powered by Branding.

Our Responsibilities

- Made locally: all our jewellery is made locally in Portugal.
- Craft and Community: in updating the exceptional techniques of filigree-making we are committed to sustaining craft skills that have existed in the community for many generations. As we prepare for the future, we are now also starting to train new generations in our own Atelier.
- Considered processes: all our jewellery is hand-made. It is a commitment not just to the wearer, but also to the master artisan, the artisans, and their families.
- Brand Creation: we are investing in placing the Portuguese mastery skill of filigree at the heart of an international luxury brand.